About our Company

Body Steel and Silver was established in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1998.
We began operations with the manufacture of Body Jewelry, soon to be followed by silver and Steel Jewelry.

Through extensive research and collaboration with some of the world finest Body Piercers,
Steel and Silver is creating unique designs of unparalleled beauty in the ever evolving world of Body Jewelry.

All our designs are original and the inspired work of in-house designer Bella R.
Bella is Romanian, and her muse is drawn from childhood memories of colours, passion and vivacity of the gypsy way of life, as well as glimpses of metro life that have been imbibed from living in many cities worldwide.

Our designs are in line with the market trends and demands, most pieces mostly made of Surgical Steel, Silver 92.5, Titanium and Brass and using the very best crystals or gems from Swarovski®; We have an exclusive arrangement with Swarovski® whereby we are members of the limited circle known as ‘Swarovski® Branding Partners.’ Each piece of Jewelry is cutting-edge fashion with old-school glamour, supported by traditional and tribal undertones for a truly unique aesthetic, a matchless display of craftsmanship, and our celebrity patrons include Naomi Campbell, the Black Eyed Peas and Zoe Scarlett, to name just a few. As a company, we have effectively expanded into many markets and have made an impact on the global jewelry scene introducing new techniques and ideas that allows us to set our Body Jewelry in same fashion as fine jewelry. We currently employ more than 400 skilled workers, with expatriates in the key senior positions. Furthermore, we have made considerable effort and investment in the latest production technology and machineries to keep up with the latest trends and time frames demands.

All items sold by Body Steel and Silver are manufactured in our own factory,
and we are guaranteeing superior quality and outstanding value for money to our customers.

Jewellery meant for body piercing. Initial body piercing made with medical grade plastic. Exclusive sterling silver 92.5 jewellery with superior grade Swarovski® crystals.

We welcome your enquiries and the opportunity to do business together.

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