Solar PV System

In an effort to become more environmental friendly, we installed 104 kW of PV Solar panels on our factory roofs. We have an estimated annual output of 148.000kWh and will reduce our yearly CO2 emissions by approx. 80.000kg. We will be able to generate about 20% of our electricity used with renewable energy.

On Sep 19th our factory manager, Mr. Florian Schneider joined the certificate awarding ceremony held by Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization since we are awarded the certificate in the Low Emission Support Scheme (LESS) 2017 from participating in greenhouse gas emission reduction by installing the solar panels on our roof.

"Going Green" Cup

In Thailand, it is warm in summer, rainy season and even winter. We all love to drink coffee, tea or herb drinks with lots of ice for refreshment. While drink shops always sell their drinks in one time plastic cups, we encourage our staff to bring their “Going Green” cups to the shops in order to reduce waste sent to landfill. Half of the plastic produced globally goes into products that are used only once, which creates a staggering amount of waste. This is one reason why we don’t use disposable cups at home. Why then, do we have a throwaway culture at work?

Paper Packaging

We didn’t have many green things back in our old days and that’s our problem today. Plastic bubble wrap was our only choice. Now Geami WrapPak® offers us a solution. As it is made out of paper, it is recyclable and friendly for the environment. We are really happy about it and know that our customers are too.