Welcome to Steel and Silver

Steel and Silver is a Manufacturer and Wholesaler of the most unique and innovative body jewelry on the market. If you are looking for something original and special, you have come to the right place.

Moreover, we are the inventors, designers and manufacturer of Crystal Evolution®, offering a glamorous collection of jewelry and body piercings. We are also designing and distributing a full range of body piercings made out of Bioplast®, an innovative bio-compatible material that fits perfectly for initial piercing.

The services we offer, including easy ordering, online follow-up of your orders, market analysis for your region, products management, packaging, barcode printing and more will help you to focus more time on what is the most important for any wholesaler… your sales.

You are not just buying our beautiful products but our renowned quality and service.

Latest Items

  • A trendy new line of Ear Jackets

  • New line of Nipple Clickers using same easy click-in system

  • Dermal Flower Attachments in Titanium prong set

  • We developed a device (PT-50) to bend straight nose studs to 90,

  • Spare parts Display (DIS-67/68)

  • A trendy new line of Ear Jackets

  • Funky Ear cuffs to stand out

  • Ear Climbers and the look of multi studs with just one ear post

  • The popular Mushroom Ring in Steel with Swarovski® Crystals

  • Jazz it up with these extra-long banana stems for ear

  • Versatile wear tribal inspired thin and light earrings