• Xmas business

    Xmas is approaching fast, please send us your orders in time for the Xmas business.
  • Selling Policies

    As you probably know, anybody can set up a store at Amazon and sell product through its platform. But don't be too good at it. Because if your store is highly rated and you're doing enough business, Amazon will copy your product, undercut your price, and very likely tweak search results so shoppers will see the Amazon copy of your product first. How's that for cutthroat?
    Our policy is to not sell to businesses that sell on platforms like Amazon, ebay or similar.
  • Did you know?

    In our Info Corner you can find useful information regarding our materials and colors.
  • Holidays

    24th of October

    Substitution for King Chulalongkorn Memorial Day

    Our office and shop in Kao San Road will be closed.

Welcome to Steel and Silver

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Latest Items

  • NEW ! Triple Ring Designs for Septum and Ear

  • SEPTUMS ! Septum designs are the top sellers this year,

  • ADDITION ! More ear weights as they gain popularity

  • OPAL MINDED ! Opal Bananas in a fresh look

  • EXCLUSIVE ! Basic prong set Bananas

  • ADDITIONAL SIZES ! The Hinged Segment Rings in 6ga (4.1mm)

  • ADDITIONAL PVD COLORS ! The 14 and 16ga

  • POPULAR ! The hinged jewelled Lip Disc BCR is now available

  • ADDITIONAL SIZES ! Titanium Micro Labrets with 3mm base.

  • OPAL MINDED ! We offer now the opal balls also in 1.6x8mm

  • FLOWER POWER ! Hinged Flower Rings with either

  • OPEN BY HAND ! Annealed Nose Rings inm 0.8mm and 1.0mm

  • HIGH DEMAND ! 3 more designs for the Tribal brass Tunnels

  • EAR MANIA ! Cute Surgical Steel Flower Studs with Cubic Zirconia