We Bring Fashion into the World of Piercing

Welcome to Steel and Silver

Steel and Silver is a Manufacturer and Wholesaler of the most unique and innovative body jewelry on the market. If you are looking for something original and special, you have come to the right place.

Moreover, we are the inventors, designers and manufacturer of Crystal Evolution®, one of the best known Body Jewelry brands on the market, as well as Bioplast®, a range of designs made for initial piercing, which is designed and distributed by Steel and Silver.

You are not just buying our beautiful products but our renowned quality and service.

  • Last month we moved all the production to our new factory in Bang Yai.

    Our new production facility offers better facilities and more space that will improve our production capacity and speed.

    See pictures here

  • Our head office and administrative departments still remains in Aroonamarin road for now.

  • We discontinue BBZ-DI12, some colors will still be supplied as long stock last.