Quality Management – What we do

Besides the unique design and material choices, our products are recognized for their outstanding quality. To ensure a very high quality continuously, we put a lot of effort into it.
Modern Quality Management strategies are applied throughout the whole company.

Incoming Inspection:

To guarantee that all materials are in compliance and approved in the manufacturing process, all raw materials are quality inspected in accordance with the specifications that are required.

In-Process Inspection:

We are committed to quality at every stage of the production process, which is why we have quality inspection teams in place from the beginning to the end. The experienced quality inspectors use documented instructions and calibrated tools to ensure accurate results.

Outgoing Inspection:

Before leaving our premises, Finished Products are inspected one more time to ensure customers' satisfaction.

For continuous improvement, we record inspection results and implement adjustments if necessary. We have our own test laboratory including an XRF machine, therefore, we can inspect the properties of products in a variety of methods including physical, mechanical, and chemical tests.