• Piercing Idea Book

    We have released volume 2 of the very popular Piercing Idea Book. Your free copy will be added to each Parcel that’s going out.

    We started to implement our “MADE BY STEEL AND SILVER” logos in most of our artwork, displays and packagings. We strongly believe that in the long run the logo will benefit all of us.

    It will help to communicate the premium quality that Steel and Silver manufactures and stands for. Everyone can profit from the growing reputation of the Steel and Silver quality.

    It will set us our products apart from the lower end products some of our competitors are selling. We design and manufacture, and take pride in the outstanding quality we deliver worldwide. Our customers in return can take pride in selling the products as they are no less outstanding than some of the big names in the Industry.

    We will not accept returns for the reason of having our logo!
  • Did you know?

    We are working on our new Catalog 2019-20 which is scheduled to be released in March.
  • Holidays

    No holidays in January

Welcome to Steel and Silver

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Latest Items

  • GET INSPIRED ! Volume 2 of our Piercing Idea book

  • BIOPLAST® ! The very popular Titanium Cluster attachments

  • ROOK ! Oval shaped Rook Clicker set with Zirconia Baguette

  • ETHNIC ! Created Stone Balls which imitate Semi Precious stones

  • OPAL CLICKERS ! Additional Gold PVD coating

  • HINGED ! 20GA (0.8mm) Titanium Hinged Segment Rings for the Nose

  • TUNNELS ! To complete our range of tunnels

  • BIOPLAST® ! Flexible Surface bars as an alternative to

  • TIME SAVER ! Save time and money with the pre sterilized,

  • TATTOOABLE ! Customize the Silicone Plugs

  • OFFER ON DEMAND ! 18 Karat Gold Continuous Rings

  • OPAL MINDED ! Synthetic Opals set

  • EXTENSION LINE ! We extend our size range