Latest Items

  • CHAINS: Connecting Chains and charms bring life into your ear curation. Never leave home without it!

  • CoCr CLICKERS: Introducing shiny Nickel Free CoCr hinged clickers - versatile, unisex, stunning! Perfect for lobes & cartilage.

  • DAITH & SEPTUM: Meet our must-have real Gold Ear Divas! Perfect for a classy ear curation.

  • BELLY: The Belly is en vogue again, get ready for the Spring and Summer with these new creations in real Gold luxury.

  • THREADLESS: Titanium Bezel set TL attachments and longer Labret pins for any possible anatomy.

  • CHARMING: NF CoCr Charms for Hinged Rings are a must have and a great way to boost your sells as a curation is never properly done till we add some movement.

  • SIMPLY THE BEST: Chic bezel-set rounds with mini dangles—ideal for your curation, versatile and captivating.
    Match any concept with flair!

  • BLACK ELEGANCE: New black matte displays complement white, highlighting material variety in our Piercings collection.

  • TITANIUM: New but old, these already popular double Rings are now available in titanium and best of all, it requires only one pierced hole.

  • MARQUISE: For those perfectionists that asked for it, NF CoCr Marquise attachments are now available with closed back in 3 gradient sizes.